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All orders will be delivered or shipped on a C.O.D. (cash or verified funds only) basis, unless an application has been approved for company check or open account by Ultimate Wheel Source. Over the phone Debit/Credit card payments may be accepted under the following conditions. A) They must be accompanied by a signed Debit/Credit card telephone acceptance form, and B) They will be subject to verification at the sole discretion of us. Payments through PayPal are also acceptable with the purchaser paying any fees charged by PayPal to complete the transaction. A credit card surcharge of 3% will be charged on all transactions. Open account terms will be net 30 days following purchase. If payment is not received after 30 days following purchase, the account will be placed on C.O.D. terms and an interest of 5% per annum will be charged on all unpaid balance. All checks returned due to Not Sufficient Fund will be charged a $50.00 per check. 

All shipping & handling related charges are to be paid by the customer unless prior arrangements are made at the time of sale. Standard terms on all export orders will consist of PRE-PAID payment with method of payment established when order is placed.  All payments will be directed to Ultimate Wheel Source LLC.  Export shipments will only be made upon confirmation of order and receipt of payment.

All returns will receive a "Return Goods Authorization" (RGA) number. The Return Goods Authorization number will be assigned by the authorized sales representative. Credits for the returns will be issued in December of each year. All returns must be shipped PRE-PAID by the sender to warehouse. Sender is responsible for any damaged product returned. Product must be returned in its original box, with cap and hardware included and in a resaleable condition.  A $10 per wheel restocking fee will be charged.

With regular care and regular road conditions, Bavaria Wheels offers a two-year finish warranty on its wheels with factory painted finishes. Only clean your wheels when they are cool. ALWAYS run cool water over your wheels before cleaning them (see Bavaria wheel care instructions for proper finish care). Bavaria Wheels offers a lifetime structural warranty for wheels it manufactures that are structurally unsound because of a manufacturing defect caused by our factory that makes the wheel unfit for its ordinary purpose. Damage or issues with wheels manufactured by Bavaria Wheels that are not caused by, or the result of, a manufacturing defect by Bavaria Wheels are not covered under the warranty. Additionally, the following are expressly excluded from the warranty: Bavaria Wheels does not offer a “road hazard warranty,” so any damage or issue with a wheel caused by the wheel colliding with a pothole or any other object or debris will not be covered by the warranty; Wheels that have been used in racing are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness; and Wheels mounted on vehicles with a load rating in excess of the load rating of the wheel are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness. Wheels that have had the factory finished altered or wheels that have been modified, repainted, or powder coated are not covered by the warranty. THE WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER OF ANY BAVARIA WHEEL AND THE WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO THE ACTUAL AMOUNT WAS PAID FOR THE WHEEL. To submit a wheel for determination of coverage, a distributor must first obtain a "Returned Goods Authorization" number from an authorized salesperson. Freight and expenses incurred for labor and mounting and dismounting of tires are not covered by this warranty.  

Chrome plated wheels are under warranty for a period of one year from the original date of sale against defects of materials or workmanship such as peeling, flaking or blistering of plating. This warranty does not cover corrosion or discoloration caused by road salts, chemicals, detergents, polishing compound or coarse abrasives used in cleaning. Using these types of products can permanently damage your wheels and will void your warranty. ALWAYS run cool water on wheels before cleaning (see Bavaria wheel care instructions for proper finish care). Failing to cool wheels before cleaning can cause discoloration. Clean wheels frequently with a soap designed for automotive finishes and warm water. Freight and expenses incurred for labor and mounting or dismounting of tires are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is void if wheels are damaged with nicks from improper tire mounting, improper installation, accident, or curb damage, normal wear and tear, neglect or road impact. Pits and minor imperfections on a newly chromed wheel may be seen on occasion. These are results of the manufacturing process and are not plating defects. This warranty is not transferable.

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